We are the main supplier of Shell, Caltex, Sokimex, Savimex, LHR, Total, Tela, PTT and other companies.
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R.P.M is a large specialized company, which has over 20 years' experience in fuel station plan construcion.

A recommended machine!!
This oil supply machine is the best for a small-scale gasoline station.
When the kind of fuel is plurality, two or more sets also of installation are possible.

The oil supply machine is equipped with the measuring instrument, and since it is automatic calculation, the mistake in manual calculation is also improved.

We also support installation of a machine.
Other construction, such as a gasoline tank and installation of a roof and an office, is possible for us.

We sell cheap and good lighting!!
Lighting can be used in many fields, such as a gasoline station,
a factory, a movie theater, an outdoor roof, and leisure facilities.

The reason which needs lighting A severe inspection
In order to get a visitor to satisfy big institutions, such as a gasoline station and leisure facilities, they need a good light. A worker's working efficiency also falls at a dark factory. The decline in efficiency consumes excessive time. Therefore, it is a loss of a company. We check severely the lighting imported from China, and sell it to a customer. When you buy this, you can check the state of lighting, before buying it.
Construction of lighting
When you need construction of lighting, we support. It can also investigate and advise on the installation method of lighting. Please also leave all difficult construction to us. We sold lighting to many institutions and factories. Our product is playing an active part in each district of not only Phnom Penh but Kingdom of Cambodia. Please contact us, when you want good lighting.

*Telephone number (855)017-877-860
*E-mail : khmer@rpm-cambodia.com

We build the whole gasoline station institution. A good gasoline station is built in consideration of the area of land, a budget, and a future schedule.
Please request us, if you are planning building of a gasoline station.
In our company, the machine related to many gasoline stations is always stored.
Photographs are a Chinese-made machine and a South Korean-made machine. A Japanese machine is also due to come to hand from now on.

It is an information in a part of gasoline station which we built.
We are building the gasoline station in many areas in not only Phnom Penh but Cambodia.

*Registered Address
#400,St Mong Rithy ,Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey,Khan Sen Sok,Phnom Penh >>>>Google Map<<<<

*Telephone number (855)017-877-860
*E-mail : khmer@rpm-cambodia.com

The system which computes the cost of construction which our company uses computes the right cost of construction.
visa application Fukuoka Japan Japanese

The right design makes the station which does not break for a long time.
Construction of our company differs from the dangerous station which constructed at cheap expense.
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