We are the main supplier of Shell, Caltex, Sokimex, Savimex, LHR, Total, Tela, PTT and other companies.
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R.P.M is a large specialized company, which has over 20 years' experience in fuel station plan construcion.

Basic Information
”We sell cheap and good lighting. Lighting can be used in many fields, such
as a gasoline station, a factory, a movie theater, an outdoor roof, and leisure facilities.

The reason which needs lighting
In order to get a visitor to satisfy big institutions, such as a gasoline station and leisure facilities, they need a good light. A worker's working efficiency also falls at a dark factory. The decline in efficiency consumes excessive time. Therefore, it is a loss of a company.
A severe inspection
We check severely the lighting imported from China, and sell it to a customer. When you buy this, you can check the state of lighting, before buying it.
Construction of lighting
When you need construction of lighting, we support. It can also investigate and advise on the installation method of lighting. Please also leave all difficult construction to us.
Track record
We sold lighting to many institutions and factories. Our product is playing an active part in each district of not only Phnom Penh but Kingdom of Cambodia. Please contact us, when you want good lighting.
”Construction of the whole institution.
We build the whole gasoline station institution.
A good gasoline station is built in consideration of the area of land, a budget, and a future schedule.
Please request us, if you are planning building of a gasoline station.
”A tank is buried.
The tank which stores gasoline is very important equipment.
When the construction which buries a tank is imperfect, it has a bad influence on the whole institution of a gasoline station.
We investigate the state of land and lay a tank underground correctly.
If it buries correctly, a gasoline station institution can be used for a long time.
”Installation of an oil supply machine.
We also contract installation of only an oil supply machine.
Many oil supply machines use the machine of China or South Korea.
A Japanese oil supply machine is also due to be used from now on.
”Sale of used parts.
We trade not only in the big institution of a gasoline station but in small parts.
Many parts, such as a nozzle, an engine, an electric light, and a signboard, are dealt with.
Please ask us, when parts are required.
Good goods are proposed.
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